Monday, May 6, 2013

Global Destinations Map


Hey guys! SO sorry it's been so long since I've posted! I've been so busy, especially with my senior year coming to a close. With graduation approaching, I've been planning my summer, and I'm getting more and more excited the closer it gets! This summer I'll (hopefully) be visiting up to six countries - Mexico, the Philippines, Spain, Italy, France, and Canada! I've already traveled to several different locations, so I decided to make a DIY project that would help me keep track of all my traveling memories! 

Here's what I used:
  • Colored pencil (Blue)
  • Sharpie (Red and black)
  • Large world map
  • Yarn (Black)
  • Glue
  • Push pins
  • Tape
  • Pictures
Step 1: I ordered my map from Kinkos/FedEx and it ended up being about $25. The picture I used was the one below and from this site.

Step 2: Then I ordered the photos that I wanted. I chose one photo from each location I had been that I felt best represented my time there. The photos I ordered on I only have 5 so far and it ended up being just a little over a dollar after tax.

Step 3: When I picked up my map I saw that the image didn't turn out great and looked a little pixalated once blown up, so that's where the black sharpie came in. I traced over the outlines in black sharpie to make the map look better and then colored the waters with a light blue colored pencil. 

Step 4: Then I colored in the places I had been in red sharpie.

Step 5: Next, I cut pieces of black yarn and put a dot of glue on one end and placed that end on the location I visited. Then I stretched that yarn outside of the map and taped it to my wall. I did that for each location I visited 

Step 6: Using a pushpin, I put up the photos over the end of the yarn, thus connecting the location on the map to the photo.

And that's it! 

Sorry that it was a super easy (and maybe self explanatory) tutorial.. I needed something easy to ease me back into blogging since I've been gone for so long!

I've got a couple of longer-term projects coming up as well as some college dorm room DIYs that I plan on doing this summer in preparation for my freshman year at college next year! Ah, so many exciting things coming up! Stay tuned :) 

Happy crafting,

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