Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hex Nut Bracelet


Hey guys!

So one of my first pins on Pinterest was some of those hex nut crafts where you braid the hex nuts into the fabric and then wear it as a bracelet or a necklace. On a random trip to OSH I bought some hex nuts but never got around to making it back then, so I decided to finish it this afternoon!

I was searching for a tutorial online because braiding the hex nuts into a bracelet proved harder than I though it'd be, but I couldn't find any so I made my own variation of the craft that's MUCH easier.

Here's the supplies you'll need:
  • Hex nuts (Quantity depends on what you want to make. I made a bracelet and used 14.)
  • Ribbon or yarn - a LOT of it. I used about 10 feet of yarn cut up into three sections. 
  • Scissors

Step 1: Take your 10 ft long string of yarn or ribbon and cut into three equal sections.

Step 2: Tie a knot connecting the three strands of ribbon or yarn. I had to tie my yarn 2-3 times, putting each knot over the last, to make sure that the hex nut wouldn't slide over it and my ribbon only once. 

Step 3: Slide on a hex nut.

Step 4: Tie 2-3 knots on top of each other for yarn or only once for ribbon to hold hex nut in place.

Step 5: Repeat this step until all of your hex nuts are tied securely onto the ribbon or yarn.

Step 6: Tie ends together to make bracelet (or necklace).

And you're finished!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! It's a lot easier than the braided hex nut crafts but still gives the same effect.

Happy crafting,

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